It started with a summer internship when I was pursuing my MBA (International Business)
from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. I was tasked to visit interior villages of the
Himalayas to review, understand, and learn more about the craftsmanship of the artisans
and promote them on international platforms. The small excursion opened my eyes to the
gruelling lives of these artisans and the challenges to earn livelihood through their work.
It also made me wonder how our goods were stuck in a pattern of take-make-waste,
which is running the environment, not to mention the economic losses that come with it.

It did not have to be that way, is not it?

All I had to do was build a platform that could bring these craftsmen products to people
who genuinely cared about our deteriorating mother earth. Here is where Kraftlooms was
conceptualized: a store that brought together style, elegance, tradition and trends from
the hands of these artisans. After more than six years of working with the brand as its
founder and facilitator, I have realized that there were more people looking for eco-friendly,
restorative and regenerative than I thought would.

And that is how I came up with my own brand Atharv

Our brand aims to bring together buyers and artisans. Buyers can have the option to choose sustainable products and artisans can afford a good lifestyle. We curate a variety of earth-friendly products, for our eco-conscious consumers so that we can leave this Earth better than we found it while having helped marginalized women find sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Artisans:- Atharv sources its products from artisans who make organic products and want to create a positive environmental impact. We are a purpose-driven company that believes in adding value to the lives of these workers by providing sustainable employment to the women who need it the most. To meet the challenges of unsustainable consumption, climate change, and growing inequality, we have taken some very ambitious steps with these artisans towards a more sustainable future.

The three groups below are a few of the many :

Auronature : Situated in the International Township of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, South India, Auronature promotes all crafts that take us back to the simple and natural way of living. Since its inception in 2004 its giving special training to artisans in their craft with a view to provide them with employment opportunities and teach them design skills suited to the fashion of modern day style.

Neelam Jha Mahila Sansthan : A group of 140 women workers skilled and trained in stitching clothes from the small village, Parthala near outskirt of Noida, the Neelam Jha Mahila Sansthan a group of women who are dexterous at stitching clothes, bags, and manufacturing a wide variety of beauty products.

Kutch Craft Studio :
An artisan group founded in 2017 with 80 weavers, Kutch Craft Studio promotes ethical and sustainable fashion with the traditional crafts of Kutch.From intricate embroidery to metal work to natural dyed fabrics, their craft culture is as vibrant and varied as India itself. They encourage customers to transition into an earth-friendly lifestyle at home or outside of the home.

* These artisans work hard everyday but still earn peanuts.
* Very often they tell us that with modernization and consumerism on the rise, their future is bleak and uninspiring.
* That is why we wanted to bring these thoughtful, sustainable and elegant everyday products to you in a way that champions the preservation of traditional skills and makes the life of these artisans better.
* And by the way, if you were wondering.
* All the products of these artisans, unlike their plaid lives, are very vibrant and exclusive.
* They are inspired by history and designed exclusively for you those who know how to appreciate their value.

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There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes for hunger and unhappiness: Gandhi
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